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Medical Services Provided By Our Clinic

Travel Medicine

Our doctors are avid travellers themselves having been to exotic locations such as Africa, India, Greenland, and all of South East Asia. We are well equipped to offer comprehensive travel advice and country-specific recommendations for all your travel needs. We are a designated Yellow Fever Center.

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Family Medicine

We are a family medicine clinic. We cater for your usual acute medical conditions such as upper respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, dengue fever and we offer follow-up for chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, asthma, hyper or hypothyroidism etc.

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Medical Check-ups

We provide medical examinations for:

  • pre and post employment check-ups,
  • maid check-ups,
  • visa and PR applications,
  • driving licence check-ups,
  • local and overseas college, polytechnic and university applications.
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Occupational Medicine / Statutory Medical Examination

Some of our doctors are also trained in Occupational Medicine and are Designated Workplace Doctors registered with the Ministry of Manpower. We provide statutory medical examinations for workers employed in various hazardous occupations was required under the local Workplace Safety and Health Regulations.

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Health Screening

Our health screening program offers you and your loved ones an efficient and cost effective way to manage your health.

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